7 Days Self Drive Road Trip in Southern Iceland – Day 2

Day 2 – Keflavik > Stekkjarkot (grass roof ancient house) > Reykjavik > Hallgrimskirkja (modern church) > Solfario (viking ship steel sculpture) > Point 4 Thingvekker > Oxararfoss (waterfall) > Laugarvatn Fontana > Golden Circle Apartment

After a night rest at Keflavik, we departed to the capital in the early morning of day 2. There is an interesting spot nearby our guesthouse just along the Ægisgata shore road. You can easily spot the ship wreck near that stretch of road.

On the way to capital of Iceland, we managed to stop by one of the iconic ancient cottage dates back to the 19th century. It is special because it was built using turf, stone and timber. We called it the “grass roof hut”. It was opened to public visit in 1993 after a year of restoration. Moreover, it is free admission!

This should be our first time climbing to a building roof. Had some fun shots too.

We drove for about 15 minutes and reached the busiest city in Iceland, the Reykjavik. We headed straight to the famous landmark which is the Hallgrimskirkja. It is a modern church with exceptional both interior and exterior architecture. The exterior was inspired by the fascinating shapes and forms created when lava cools into basalt rock. They took 41 years to build this largest church in Iceland.

Truly amazed by the gigantic organ pipe inside the church as well. Lucky enough there was an organist playing it when we were visiting.

There is a cozy cafe, Cafe Loki right opposite the church where we had our tea break.

Just 3 minutes drive away from the church, we made another stop at the second landmark of the town, Solfario (viking ship steel sculpture). The sculpture was built at the shoreline overlooking breathtaking mountains and sea.


Leaving Reykjavik with no regret as two of the most important landmarks been checked. Dropped by Point 4 Thingvekker (or more easily search using “Þingvellir”) after continuing the journey for about 45 minutes. It is actually a national park where you can admire the beautiful scenery of rift valley as a result of underground plate movement.

Then we drove another 5 minutes to visit the Oxararfoss nearby. You could either walked over using the connecting walking pathway from the national park or drive over. We decided to drive as it was very chilling cold with the strong wind. This was the first waterfall that we visited after landed in this country. And we were not disappointed! (picture below shall give this statement the justice)


Weather turned mild and we spent quite a while there to take photos and admire this beautiful nature creation that we can not see back in home country. We continued the journey just another 30 minutes to reach our next stay, Golden Circle Apartment.

Oh yea, we stocked up some groceries in Reykjavik and these were what we had bought.


Do not miss the Icelandic local cultured diary product, Skyr! The taste is simply heaven. We were constantly stocking up Skyr after tasted it for one time. You could get it at any convenient shop or gas station (slightly more expensive there) with roughly ISK150 to ISK250 depending where you buy it.

Signing off day 2.

Continue reading Day 3.


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