7 Days Self Drive Road Trip in Southern Iceland – Day 3

Day 3 – Laugarvatn > Gullfoss (magnificent waterfall) > Strokkur (geyser) > Seljalandsfoss (spectacular waterfall) > Skogafoss (broad waterfall) > Skammidalur Guesthouse (near Vik town)

We had pretty good rest at the super spacious Golden Circle Apartment. I started day 3 with a morning jog over to the nearby Laugarvatn Fontana (a famous geothermal bath in that area). They were also famous with the geothermal baked bread. Managed to catch the moment of sun rise over the Lake Laugarvatn.

Our first destination after check-out from the apartment was the Gullfoss. It was about 35 minutes away from our stay. We decided to visit the Gullfoss first even though we know that we will pass by Strokkur first. That was to match our route planning that eventually made a turn back and head further south to Vik town. Gullfoss is among the widest waterfall with 3 staircase drop, located in the canyon of the Hvítá river. It is also a waterfall with powerful current, enough to generate electricity. Despite that, the state government made the wise decision to preserve in wonderful nature formation.


Can see how wide it is from this photo, comparing the size of people down the cliff.

There was a cafe, Gullfosskaffi Ehf just next to the Gullfoss parking area. We took a hearty breakfast there with bottomless mushroom soup! Managed to send postcards from the souvenir shop there as well.

After that, we continued our journey to Strokkur, a natural fountain geyser that erupts every 5-10 minutes. You will not miss this tourist spot as it is just right next to the main road and you will see crowd walking over to the geyser after parking at the designated area. The moment we stepped down from the car, we can smell the strong sulfuric air, and we know we were at the right place. You just need to walk about 100 meters from the entrance to reach Strokkur.

From left to right: 1) the geo activities area from far; 2) can see the water is boiling everywhere; 3) some green yellowish color are sulfur and mineral; 4) indicator sign on the temperature 80-100 celcius

Waited for few interval just to get the right shot of the geyser eruption. It happened pretty fast that you need to get the camera shutter running.


Took a photo with this statue opposite the geyser area (you will see it from the roadside) before we leave.

Hopped on to our car and headed straight to two more waterfalls arranged for the day. After one and a half hour driving, first that greet our sight was the renowned Seljalandsfoss. It is a waterfall that always appears in the “must-go” top 10 list of Iceland. This is also one of our favorite when planning for the trip, as the uniqueness where visitors can actually go behind the waterfall really make us feel excited to see it with our own eyes. And we never regret that! It is truly as picturesque as what you can find from the net images.


A bench overseeing the waterfall and this is one of the must-take photo spot.


Oh yea, we were lucky enough to be accompanied by beautiful rainbow in this shot!

The fun of going behind the waterfall and chasing sheep nearby.

Next, was the Skogafoss which located really near to Seljalandsfoss. This is another top waterfall due to its size in width and height. It was previous the coastline cliff waterfall. It was almost dark when we reached here, hence we do not spent long time here. Fun part was, we climbed over the gate (using the farm wooden ladders) of a farm next to it, trying to get a close-up shot of the sheep. However, it was not easy at all, but fun experience.


Drove to our next stay, Skammidalur Guesthouse few miles before reaching Vik township. It was a decent farm house with cozy and clean room. Long day drive, and expecting another long drive next day.

Signing off day 3.

Continue reading day 4.


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