Chinese New Year Staycation – Mangala Spa and Resort, Gambang, Pahang


It was another random staycation during the Chinese New Year of 2018. This time, we had opted for this roughly 2 years old resort, Mangala Spa and Resort which located at the largest state in Peninsular of Malaysia, Pahang. From the capital Kuala Lumpur, it took us about 2.5 hours to reach this suburbs area using the East Cost Highway or Lebuhraya Pantai Timur (LPT).

The resort is located right inside an estate area, so if you opt to stay here, get ready to be disconnected from the bustling life in city and soak yourself in the tranquil peace of greens. There is no shops and retails within convenient walking distance. Well, just the right staycation for a total relaxation.


There are many different villas available in this resort, and we had chosen the 40 sq.m. Sara Villa (go for their Vana Villa Suite with private pool if budget allows, looked really nice). It is next to the wetland area with quite amazing view that out of our expectation. Especially during the sunny day, the scenery reflection on the calm wetland surface, beautiful. They provide many activities for the guests; to name a few here, it includes cycling, kayaking, archery, jogging, etc. If you are a fan of durian (the King of tropical fruits), you may join the durian buffet feast with additional charges.

Their buggy service to your villa doorstep after check-in. This will also be your transport to other area within the resort. Just dial the front desk for service.


View of the wetland from our villa.


Relaxing on the long couch in the living room.


Overall rating for the hotel based on the room we stayed:

  1. Bed comfort: 3 stars ★★★
  2. Room space: 5 stars ★★★★★
  3. Room style: tropical wooden resort stay design
  4. Cleanliness: 3 stars ★★★ (maybe due to the bugs season)
  5. Toiletries: Portico Home
  6. Service: 4 stars ★★★★
  7. Location: 4 stars ★★★
  8. Remarks: Everything is still relatively new, and staff service is very friendly. The buggy service is also being operated timely at the moment.

Checkout more about this hotel here.

Some fun activities to be done alone, with partner or family members.

Gym facilities in the resort. Nice view overlooking the lake during day time.


Getting ready for our dinner there. Happy Chinese New Year and another prosperous year ahead for everyone! 祝大家过个汪福汪康汪财年!



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