7 Days Self Drive Road Trip in Southern Iceland – Day 4

Day 4 – Vik > Svartifoss (waterfall) > Fjallsarlon Glacier Lagoon > Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon > Vik

Power charged again after a night rest at Skammidalur Guesthouse. (Even though we stay up late quite a bit to wait for the aurora to appear but were no luck) When we walked out from the guesthouse we were greet by the friendly Icelandic horses!

We started day 4 with objective to head east with final destination as Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon. It was very convenient for us to start the journey as the guesthouse is just beside the main road. As per our plan, the first destination should be Svartifoss knowing its magnificent formation. Unfortunately, when we reach the parking area it was raining quite heavily (weather is always unpredictable in Iceland. I might have mentioned it in earlier post, but would like to reiterate it). Even though the rain could go in a while if we wait, but it requires quite a distance of walking before we could reach it. As the path could be quite slippery with rain, we decided to give this a pass even though it was a heavy decision to make.

When one door closed, another will open; we have faith with this saying. And true enough, just few miles away, we came across a bonus attraction which initially not in our itinerary, the Fjallsarlon Glacier. There is no properly pave road into this attraction, but I would say it is worth the 10-15mins drive. This is the first place we been in Iceland that we finally see the “blue” ice glacier. Yes, they are literally blue in color due to the mineral content and natural formation. The view is simply breathtaking. We spent quite a while here admire the magnificent creation of nature.

With another 15-20 minutes’ drive of 12km we finally reached our highlight of day 4, the Jakulsarlon Glacier Lagoon! We also brought along with us some of the grocery we bought day earlier for a simple picnic inside the car while looking over the blue giant icebergs float by. It was a lifetime experience to listen the clashing between giant icebergs happening right in front of our eyes. (Quite loud that initially we thought is it landslide) The blend between the natural sky blue and cerulean blue just incredible. Hard to describe with words, but we would highly recommend this as a “must do” for Iceland!


After we done our sandwich picnic, we head back to our guesthouse located at Vik with leisure pace and enjoy the scenic drive along the way. Even though it was the same road we took but the scene just change so differently with opposite angle and sun direction, truly amazing.

A day well spent, we stopped by black sand beach nearby Vik town to take some photos and enjoy the ocean breeze.

Then head back town to grab our dinner there. That was a last minute planned dinner where we were googling for the recommended place and finally decided on a restaurant which is nice with the ambience of wooden house and warm lightings. I guess it was a popular dining even for local (many of the customers are speaking Icelandic with the restaurant attendants) as there was a long waiting list when we were there.

Signing off day 4.

Continue reading day 5.


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