Tune To Peaceful Vibes at Vibes Spa

It was one of the weekends where we decided to give ourselves a retreat and went for spa massage at Vibes Spa. Though we are not really fancy over this kind of treatment, we still give it a try since we have no other plan for that weekend. Overall the experience was decent and comfortable. Their service level was satisfying as well. We would say the session did made us feel a little bit more relax but the pressure point by the masseurs could be further improved as the results could have been better if every press was on the right spot.

^ the main entrance of the Vibes Spa <Urban Wellness>

This spa is located at level 10 of Pullman Kuala Lumpur City Center accessible with the lobby lift even without the access card. Once exit from the lift, there will be a swimming pool at the outdoor area, and the Vibes Spa is just on the left hand side when looking towards the pool.

For normal spa massage, the procedures are quite straight forward. Once we entered the spa center, we were greeted with warm tea and towels to refresh ourselves. At the same time, we were required to fill up a form in order to collect personal details which include your preference strength of massage, your allergic remarks, etc. Upon completion of that, we were asked to select our preferred oil as well. There are mainly 3 type of oil to opt for, coconut oil (no smell), detox oil, and calming oil.

^ the spa ambience is using red bold color as the theme
^ the 3 type of personalized massage oil to choose for the session

After that, we were brought to a private room for couple spa massage, and allowed to change our clothes. The room is equipped with cabinet to hang our clothes, a table with big mirror, sofa area, and private toilet shower room. We then lay down and they knocked before come in for the spa massage session. It was a 1 hour spa massage experience.

^ even the massage room is using the red color theme
^ changed to the bath robe and ready to start the massage session

Lastly, before we leave the facility, we were being asked to fill a survey form on the service. Will we come back again? Perhaps we would, but more likely to tryout services from elsewhere. Continue to explore and discover. *wink*



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