11 Days Itinerary for Norway Adventures – Day 2

Day 2 – Bergen > Fish Market > Bryggen Old Wharf (World UNESCO heritage site) > Market Square

We started our second day with early waking and hearty breakfast. Even before we stepped out of the house, it was already drizzling outside, and we knew we were in the right city. There is a reason why it is known as the city of rain in Norway because literally it rains for average of 240 days per year, almost 65% of the time. Because we did our homework, so we were well prepared with the convenient pack rain coat. It is safe to have one with you even if it is during summer.

^ the view looking out from Erik’s place

^ suit on with our lovely rain coat

Then we walked towards the direction of the tourist information center which located in the heart of many attractions, and right beside the coastal wharf. It should be just a 10 minutes’ walk, but took us longer as too many Hanseatic League influenced architecture along the way that caught our eyes. Many were once commercial building to this busy wharf during those trading era.

^ already can see the magnificent view from the alley

When we walked passed a small alley connecting straight to the harbor side, we were truly in aw with the beautiful sight of Bryggen Old Wharf that greet us right across the waterfront. The background of this famous UNESCO heritage site from where we stood were the unorganized built of houses and buildings up to the hill. The morning mist on the upper part of the mountains add mystic feel to it. We spent some time and shutters over here to admire this right time of scene.

The famous fish market is just another few steps away, and we entered for a tour. There was one stall with a friendly staff welcomed us warmly with her patient introduction on all kinds of seafood they are selling there. We are not expert in seafood but from the size of the seafood they are selling there, we are quite certain that natural pristine deep ocean breeds huge size seafood! Due to the cold weather, we decided to stay there a bit longer and filled our stomach with some sandwiches sold there.

After that, we just followed the Bryggen Street all the way and came across so many spots for photography. Even though the floor was wet, but somehow that is the uniqueness of Bergen city. And the blurry reflection from the floor makes good photo composition too. Aside from the Bryggen Old Wharf, some other highlights that looked interesting to us are the Starbucks and McDonalds outlet in those old commercial building.


^ checklist ticked, UNESCO heritage site

You may also grab the opportunity to buy some elegant locally craft souvenirs along that street. We also stopped at 7eleven for break and quick bite. We fell in love with one of the local yogurt with protein! (Check out the pictures below to try it yourself when you are there) It tastes so good that we stocked up a few more for subsequent days.

^ must try this “Fjordland” brand yogurt with muesli kind of mixture inside

On the way back, we passed the Fish Market again and bought a smoked salmon recommended by the staff just now, for our simple dinner. Our menu for second night, smoked salmon, Kuching “Kam Pua” noodles, cheesy egg omelet, garlic stir fried brussel sprouts, clementine and Somersby beer (do watch out for their legal hours to purchase for alcoholic drinks, before 8pm for week days and 6pm on Saturdays).


Signing off for day 2.

Continue reading day 3.


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