11 Days Itinerary for Norway Adventures – Day 3

Day 3 – Bergen > Fløibanen to Fløyen > Fish Market > Old Wharf Port

We started day 3 Bergen with a very important mission in the morning, to send out the postcards that we bought a day earlier from the souvenir shop. It was very convenient because there is already postbox located just outside the convenience shop, Rema 1000. (To see the location of Rema 1000, check out our day 1 post)

^ mailbox right outside the convenience shop

As usual, there will be rain, snow or hail from time to time in this town. Right before we walked out from the house, there was a light hail and it stopped after a short while. We went and get some information regarding the Mount Floyen (Fløyen) at the tourist center near the fish market.

^ while waiting for our turn to enquire at the tourist center (overlooking the wharf)

Then we headed to the Fløibanen (sort of funicular railway or tram kind of transportation to Mt. Floyen) ticketing counter which is just 5 minutes’ walk away from the tourist center. You will be passing by Starbucks on your left. We decided to grab a quick bite at the 7-11 before that.


Fløibanen ticket price is standard at NOK95 per adults. If the weather is good, you could even consider taking single way NOK50 and slowly walk down from top of the mountain when return. Anyway we decided to be on the safe side and bought the return tickets instead.

There is a short tunnel walkway leading to the boarding platform for the Fløibanen. Along the walkway, there will be history pictures exhibit the introduction and origin of this place. Probably winter is not a favorable season for most, and also because of the rain, we were the only ones inside the tram heading up to Mt. Floyen! What a “VIP” privilege! Less than one minute the tram moving up, we were overlooking the picturesque Bergen city from above sea level. The panoramic view is even more magnificent from top of the mountain almost 400 meters above the sea level!

The wind on top of the mountain was quite strong that time, we were trying to stand there and enjoy the view, but could not stand the freezing wind and have to hide inside the souvenir shop time to time. Once our body warmed up, we headed out again to snap some nice photos. If you are planning to spend long time on Floyen top, do enough of proper attire protection.

^ panoramic view from the Mt Floyen, so stunning



We spent a good one hour on mountain top and most of the time sitting inside the souvenir shop sipping the hot chocolate drinks. Indeed a pleasure tour and we would really recommend not missing this Mt Floyen visit if you are in Bergen! When we reached back at the ticketing counter, it was just afternoon, but looked like sun setting soon (due to the early sunset in winter).


^ right before the sun fully set, dramatic reflection on the floor, uniqueness of Bergen

We dropped by the fish market again and grabbed some hot food to warm us up. (King crab soup and seafood platters)

^ such a romantic place, dinning while having such a picturesque background

We were then full until the night, and prepared a late night dinner. Simple and scrumptious menu, butter pepper salmon, baked beans with eggs, and onion omelet. We rest earlier that night to catch an early flight on our day 4 flying to the north capital, Tromso!

Signing off day 3.

Continue reading day 4.


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