11 Days Itinerary for Norway Adventures – Day 4

Day 4 – TOS airport (Arrive) > Hotel Xpress Tromso

Day 4 in Norway was a transit day for us, travelling up north to Tromso from Bergen. Tromso is a northern city which also known as the “Paris of the North”. It is also one of the northern most city we visited so far, 350km north of Artic Circle.

It was an earliest flight in the morning; we remembered the airport still quite empty when we arrived there. Towards the end of November, we can already feel the Christmas festive with the Bergen airport decorations. There is a direct flight from Bergen to Tromso but it was a Fokker propeller plane, hence we decided to transit at Oslo to stick to SAS Airlines.


When the pilot announced we were almost reaching Tromso city, we looked out from the plane window and saw the stunning snow covered Tromso city, an island surrounded by mountains. The plane made a round turning where we could have a full view of the Tromso Island, before it landed at the other end of the island. Once we collected our baggage, we hired a cab and headed straight to Hotel Express Tromso.

^ unreal scenery from our plane, this is Tromso (inside island of Tromsoya)
^ can you spot the only green in the picture? (the stadium field)
^ “come follow our path” at the Tromso airport arrival hall

It felt like evening already, but in fact it was just almost noon time. Then we realized because we were even more far north hence the sunset time is much earlier during this winter season. The sun set about 1-2pm local time during our visit. We were still early when we reached the hotel, before we were allowed to check in, we dropped the baggage at lobby storage room, and walked to the nearby city center for the quick bite (yes, Panini again! *wink*).

^ walking distance from our hotel to the city center

There is a harbor nearby the convenience shop, so we walked there to take some photos. The wind is much chilling compared to the one we felt at Bergen. Continued to explore some parts of the city, walked in an old church and saw a group of people singing. Many of the streets and alleys were decorated with neon lights ready for the Christmas season.


^ shivering clicking the shutter, but still, love this picture
^ still early night but the street almost empty, sparsely populated city at low season
^ streets and alleys filled with neon lights decoration

Once the time is about to check in, we strolled back to the hotel. That night, it snowed, and we decided to keep ourselves warm inside the hotel and ready to explore more the next day.

^ looking out from our room, no northern light, but snowing street

Signing off day 4.

Continue reading day 5.


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