11 Days Itinerary for Norway Adventures – Day 5

Day 5 – Tromso > Polaria > Tromsø Library and City Archive (Beautiful architecture) > The Polar Museum

After good rest and recharged, we woke up the next day trying to treasure the day light as much as we could. There is a section next to the hotel reception counter that sells breakfast pack and some convenient food.

First attractions that we headed to on day 5 is the Polaria which is 6 minutes walking distance from our hotel. It is the world most northerly aquarium. We do not have the intention to go in for the aquarium, but more on admiring the unique architecture. The building was built in shape like few flat ice floes being stacked together. There is also another glass museum beside the Polaria building, which store the Norway’s famous seal hunting ship, Polstjerna. Both of these building are attractive piece of modern architecture, a must for instagrammers.


^ posing (outside the glass museum)

There is also an isolated building 100 meters away with the graffiti art on the wall. We also took the chance to take a few shots there.

^ water reflection added dynamic to the picture
^ another harbor near by the Polaria

Then we walked back to the hotel to check out our rooms, and stored the baggage at the hotel lobby. We still have plenty of time before we board the Hurtigruten cruise at midnight. Thus, we decided to stroll around the city and look for some attractive places for photograph. First stop, we checked the Hurtigruten terminal and make sure we know the way before the boarding time.

^ admiring the beauty of old fashioned wooden empire style building on the way back to hotel

Then we walked towards one of the most instagrammable building in Tromso, its public library! Tromso library and city archive is another eye-catching architecture which I felt it looks like an eye with light (wisdom) glowing from inside. It looked amazing especially at night with the lightings from inside glowing out to the street from its all glass design.

^ I called it “the eye of Tromso” (must go in your list!)
^ beautiful architecture from all different directions

Not only from the outside, the interior of the library is also very comfortable and harmony with the timber theme flooring. The public library is free admission, just make sure do not disturb those who really studying there. (apparently we were not, shhhhh)


From the library we walked toward the other end of the street and came to a coffee shop packed with people. The easiest way to identify a worth trying place is from the crowd. So we decided to take a stop there and keep ourselves warm with a cup of hot coffee. The shop name is “Kaffebonna Tromso” and we only knew it is indeed one of the highly rate café in the city. Yay! (wise decision)

Last stop of the day was the Polar Museum Tromso. We only managed to check out their common area and the souvenir shop, decided not to go in further as we will need to head back to the hotel, grab our luggage and wait for the cruise boarding!




We were among the first batch that board and check in our cruise cabin as we were early. That was actually our first ever experience sleeping in the cruise ship and not to mention the one that cruise along the Arctic Ocean and Norwegian fjords. Excited for the lifetime experience! We tried to get a quick power nap, and then explore every corner of the cruise after that.

Signing off day 5.

Continue reading day 6.


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