Tune To Peaceful Vibes at Vibes Spa

It was one of the weekends where we decided to give ourselves a retreat and went for spa massage at Vibes Spa. Though we are not really fancy over this kind of treatment, we still give it a try since we have no other plan for that weekend. Overall the experience was decent and comfortable. Their service level was satisfying as well. We would say the session did made us feel a little bit more relax but the pressure point by the masseurs could be further improved as the results could have been better if every press was on the right spot.

^ the main entrance of the Vibes Spa <Urban Wellness>

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11 Days Itinerary for Norway Adventures – Day 1

Day 1 – BGO airport (Arrive) > Erik Place (AirBnB)

Our journey in Norway started in Bergen, the city of rain. We flew in from Stockholm and landed in Bergen quite late in the afternoon about 2pm. By the time we collected our luggage and walked out to take a cab, it was almost 3pm something, and the sky was already dark. In twilight months during the winter, the sun set earlier than other months. For our November visit, sunset in Bergen was about 4pm.

^ waiting luggage arrival at the Bergen Airport

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