11 Days Itinerary for Norway Adventures – Day 7

Day 7 – Lofoten > Reine > Village of A > Hamnoy > Leknes

Good morning to day 7 in Norway! Although not manage to see any northern a night before, but I enjoyed the big and clear glass window facing 3 different direction at the guest living room. It is perfect to admire the starry night Milky Way. We bought some groceries for our breakfast, simple sandwich and meal replacement shake. Even from the kitchen where we were having our breakfast, the scenery outside is amazing, with mountains, snowy beach and sea.

^ morning walk nearby the stay with refreshing air

^ the view looking out from our AirBnb kitchen that made us wanted to have longer breakfast

Our car was covered with snow, so we spent some time clearing it up before started our journey. Mission of the day is to travel till the tip end of Lofoten island, which is the A town. Å is the shortest place name in the world! Along the way we will be passing by Vestvågøy, Ramberg, Hamnoy, Reine, and more. The journey will take about 1 hour 45 minutes, but with so many stoppings, it took us more than that to reach the Å town.

2018-12-08 14_10-Haverringen 1216-1330, 8370 Leknes, Norway to Å, Norway - Google Maps - Internet

Along the way, we enjoyed cruising on the road with very few cars, endless serene and breathtaking Nordic view on both sides. Before we came to Lofoten, we had read somewhere saying that this place is the “mini Norway” where you can see all the best parts of Norway, its majestic mountains, incredible fjords, historical fishery industry, vibrant Viking cultures, etc. In short, a place fills with “nature’s own work of art” and rustic fisher villages that still operating. There are also “salmon farms” that can be witnessed along the way.


^ sometimes even without stopping, we can get superb scenery by snapping inside the car
^ early sunset moment and changing into twilight before total darkness
^ postcard standard scenery, so serene, peaceful and magical
^ another shot taken from inside the car


Among all the stops we made, we personally love Reine the most with its vivid red colored wooden houses. There is deck nearby the only gas station in that town that you could have great photo there. If you are standing there, the view of Reinebringen Mountain and red wooden houses are within your sight. We had a short coffee break in one of the café in the town. It was already decorated with Christmas theme, lovely.

^ stop in front of the café of Reine town
^ this is the deck we referred to, amazing right?
^ if you come during the summer, all the racks will be hung with dried fishes




Then we continue the journey and not long after that we arrived at Å town. Fly the drone at that stop and managed to capture some great footages. While we were on the way back, we stopped at a hypermarket again to grab some ingredients for our home cooked dinner!

^ playing drone at the A town


^ hmmm which one? go for the one on left hand, red looked more spicy (and indeed it is!)

Menu of the dinner: pan grilled salmon with salad, baked green beans, and spicy onion garlic tomato spaghetti (with extremely hot pod chili). Bon appetite, yummy!

^ a corner setup by the landlord for us to leave feedbacks and travel logs

Signing off for day 7.

Continue reading day 8.


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