February 18 Café 二月食吧, Taman Gembira (Happy Garden)

February 18 café is located at a relatively quiet area of Taman Gembira (Happy Garden) away from the bustling of United Oversea Garden (OUG) and Old Klang Road. Only if you go on Saturday there will be a night market along the street in front of the shop that makes the area crowded. This café is setup in a minimalist concept with loft cement wall on the entrance side. There is a bar table on the front end against the cement wall with windows for natural lightings. Overall setting is quite cozy and enough space between table for more privacy comfort.

^ outlook of the café




We were attracted by their menu selections especially their specialties tempeh dishes. Later we get to know that actually the mother of this young lady founder of February 18 is actually an established tempeh brand owner as well, the “Meraki Organic Tempeh”. With its own secret recipe in the fermentation method and process, it has gain quite a big market of tempeh lovers. We were lucky to speak to the lady behind this organic tempeh and get the chance to try raw tempeh for the first time! To our surprise, it tastes really good with the original earthy flavor of the soy. She shared with us that the soy for making the tempeh is imported all the way from Australia with premium selections. Another good side of eating it raw is that the probiotic (good bacteria) in the tempeh retain at highest content.


^ process of soy selection, the making of “Meraki Organic Tempeh”

Principle of the café in preparing their food is they only prepare food that they themselves will want to eat it. In other words, they emphasize on quality and freshness of ingredients used. This could be evidenced from the use of premium and healthy grade ingredients like imported soy milk from Canada, molasses sugar, natural sea salt, etc. They do not use mock meat or artificial products as meat nutrition replacement, but instead using tempeh for most of the dishes to provide good source of protein. There is also no usage of milk, egg and honey on everything in their menu.

^ good view and good shade outside the shop

During our visit, we managed to try also their vegan bakuteh, signature dumpling and banana scone. The recipe of the dumpling was created by the founder herself after one year of research what ingredients actually match best. She even goes into the detail of creating own dumpling skin as most of the readily made in market are having egg as part of the ingredients. Bravo to her passion in creating best food that match their theme and principle. The banana scone is definitely worth a try, light and soft, at the same time do not give the teeth sticking feel.



^ we were told that the dumpling content was made from 20 different ingredients





Overall a great experience dining at the café, food are carefully prepared and nicely garnished. You can really feel they care about your feedbacks when you talk to them. Keep it up! We will surely go back again.


Bon appetite!

February 18 Café
Open daily 11am to 6pm (closed on Tue and Wed)
No.42, GF Jalan Lazat 2,
Taman Gembira,
58200 Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +60169048071


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