11 Days Itinerary for Norway Adventures – Day 8

Day 8 – Lofoten > Leknes > Henningsvaer > Svolvaer > Evenskjer Cabin (AirBnB)

Day 8 was the last day we spent at Lofoten Island. We woke up early as usual to treasure the limited day light we have during winter. After done packing our stuff, we took photos with this beach side house as memory. We also managed to quickly fly the drone up and have a helicopter view of that area. Breathtaking scenery from all different angles has been taken for future flash back.

^ a mountain right behind our AirBnb house

Mission of the day was to drive back towards the direction of Evenes airport where we will be taking flight the following day back to Oslo, the capital. We rented a place near the Evenes airport, at the nearest town, Evenskjer. Along the way, 3 of our main stops would be at the Henningsvaer (Henningsvær), Kabelvag (Kabelvåg) and Svolvaer (Svolvær). That should be a journey of approximately 3.5 hours if without any stop.
Henningsvaer is a very unique fishing village from its geographical location. In order to reach the center of this fishing village we will need to drive pass a few bridges that connecting few small islands.

Every time we drove passed a bridge, a new landscape of scenery greet us and we just cannot control but to pull aside and take as many photos as we could with our shivering hands. We love the beauty of winter where the landscape was covered with white snow while decorated with dried bushes and grass.

^ we can totally understand why the two fellow were willing to stand the cold and sit there to admire this unreal scenery


^ crossing bridge by bridge, an unique experience for road trip in Lofoten


During winter, the village was so peaceful that you hardly see anyone walking on the street. We took the opportunity to explore few corners of the village and came to a port where the water is so still and calm that the village houses reflected perfectly on the surface of water. The background majestic mountains make the entire view as awesome as the one we saw back in Reine.

^ such a peaceful fishing village when it comes to winter, Henningsvaer



We had a quick stop at Kabelvag, which is also a small village, mainly with administrative properties. Thought of having a quick bite there, but seems like many shops do not open during that season, or perhaps just that day.


It was getting dark, and then we decide to continue the journey to Svolvaer to have our lunch. Since it was already the 8th day here in Norge, we started to miss Asian food, and immediately we spot one Asian kitchen right at the heart of Svolvaer town center. Fortunately enough, the owner of the place was around and we had friendly conversation with him. He is from China, hence the food there is authentic Chinese food, however, it is hard not to tweak a little bit to match the local flavors and taste. Nevertheless, the food is good enough to satisfy our cravings.



^ generous portion of the Chinese restaurant

We continued quite a long remaining stretch of journey to reach Evenskjer. We stopped by at the grocery shop nearby to stock up for our simple dinner and breakfast for early flight the following day.

^ worried might not get this “klementin” in cheap price when we get back to Oslo
^ morning view from our Evenskjer AirBnB cabin before departing to airport


Signing off for day 8.

Continue reading day 9.


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