Baker Laboratory, Homemade Cake With Love

This year Christmas we received one lucky prize from Baker Laboratory! The prize came just the right time, to celebrate our Christmas Eve with the super chocolate-rich “Yule Log” Christmas theme cake. Best of all we could share this wonderful dessert with our friend. We are quite impressed with the artfully crafted homemade “Yule Log” decorated with the cute mushrooms. This cake is covered with their signature dark chocolate ganache and infused with cream mixed blue berries.

^ yay! collected the Yule Log

I was fortunate enough to meet the founder in person during the prize collection and get to interview them for a while. Baker Laboratory was actually founded by a group of young professionals coming from various backgrounds, from medical to engineering to finance who share the same passion in baking. These professions might look dull in their own fields, but surely they are creative in their baking lab, judging from their cake selections so far.

^ thanks Baker Laboratory for the wonderful cake! *and lovely DIY tag

They believe in delivering the healthy and natural ingredients could make a difference in homemade cake. Different from commercial cakes, they do every steps all by themselves from discussing with the customers to understand about their preferences, to endless trying and modifying the recipe to a healthier version and yet, delicious, selecting the most appropriate ingredients, baking, assembly and decorating the perfect cakes to celebrate the memorable occasion or day.

^ the yule log being carefully craft from the outside to look as real


Custom made request orders are always welcome. And they are just a click away, feel free to PM them on their Facebook page. Depending on the design requirements, they will try their very best to provide the best to the beloved customers. The delivery terms varies depending on season and location.

So, is there any special celebration coming? Give them a try!

Good news! Now, you can mention our blog name “WECREATEPATH” and enjoy an exclusive discount of 15% on your order with them. (valid until 31st March 2019)


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