11 Days Itinerary for Norway Adventures – Day 9

Day 9 – OSL airport (Arrive) > Scandic Grenson Hotel > Christmas Market > Oslo City Hall > Viking Ship Museum

Last day we spent out Norwegian trip at the capital, Oslo by visiting few of the highlight attractions. For convenience of departing to airport, we stay at Scandic Grenson Hotel which is near to the central station with trains to the international airport.


A night before we were lucky to get the early feel of the Christmas market which is happening at the city center. We wanted to experience it back in Sweden but that was too early of the winter. Glad that we finally made it in Oslo! It was a very different experience with Christmas carols playing at the background. More importantly, it was really snowy season with fresh snow all over the floor. There were fireplaces at different corners of the market to let people get warm and socialize while sitting around it.





^ public toilet setup at the Christmas market

Early morning of the last day, we headed to the city hall, also known as Oslo Rådhus for a visit. The entrance is free, and we get to admire this beautiful architecture built with red bricks. We get to know that the bricks are actually larger than those used at any typical construction works. This is also an iconic place of hosting the Noble Peace Prize Ceremony.




^ natural sunlight bursting into the city hall





We spent some time at the city hall then hop on to a local bus to visit the Viking Ship Museum. Although it took us some time to reach the place, but we never regret it. It was such an eye opener to understand better the culture of Viking particularly on their renowned ship craftsmanship. We also just get to know that the ship will eventually become the resting place for deceased together with their valuable possessions. The called it the Viking burial ship. The entrance fees is approximately NOK100 (EUR10) per adults, but worth the price, if you love reading and admiring these unique piece of Viking culture. There are also nicely designed interactive video in the museum.


Finally, we ended the day with the last attraction, the Royal Palace in Oslo. As we are not allowed to enter the palace, we could only take some photos around the vicinity area. The palace is located quite on the high hill area where we could enjoy great view of the Oslo city with the Christmas market. It is one of the sights which you could not get in other season. (but of course every season has their uniqueness)

^ walking to royal palace


^ the royal palace



Signing off for Norway journey!




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